Craig Ronshausen - Reflexology Reiki RejuvenateCraig Ronshausen has been working with energy for over 25 years. He started with Karate, learned about Ki, the Hora, Chakras, and then went on to find Reiki; Reflexology followed from there. Craig understands that all things are made of energy, and that treating the body with energy, as one single holistic organism, is the best approach to health. What Craig does with ReikiFlexology (Reflexology, and Reiki combined) simply, but profoundly, helps the body use its own powers to heal.

He has had great success helping clients manage and alleviate pain and stress. Female clients who suffer from symptoms of menopause report being able to sleep through the night and wake feeling refreshed. Craig has helped clients work through a wide variety of issues and situations. Including, but not limited to, clients dealing with cancer, migraines, back pain, depression, shoulder pain, knee pain, and Fibromyalgia. Craig believes that Reflexology, Reiki, and ReikiFlexology can help everyone enjoy a happier, and healthier life!

Specializing in:

  • American Standard-Advanced Ingham Method
  • Tibetan Reflexology/Reiki Master
  • Guided Imagery Chakra Work

To experience your own REIKIFLEXOLOGY session call (971) 227-6332, or Contact Craig today.