When I went for my first Reflexology/Reiki treatment with Craig, I had extreme pain in the knuckle joint of my big toe. It had become very swollen and I could not bend it at all, but by the end of the first session I had considerably less pain and I could start to move it. I had to leave town for a week, but when I returned as Craig suggested I had 4 sessions in four days. And now my toe is much smaller with a good range of motion, even though years of Karate had caused the swelling and and hardening of the joint. Craig’s Reiki work is profound. It improved my attitude toward life in general. After each session I felt a sense of renewal, happiness and wellness. I could feel the positive energy it brought to me throughout the day, and found myself looking forward to my next session. As to Craig (the person) he is a caring, thoughtful practitioner who has pioneered new frontiers by putting Reflexology and Reiki together in such a way that they seem made for each other. He has intuitively combined the two disciplines that both stimulate (Reflexology)and channel (Reiki) natural healing energy.

To all of you who are fearful of unfamiliar therapies, there are  many healing arts that have been around for thousands of years helping people. I suggest that you put your fear aside for at least one session in order to experience the positive benefits of these healing therapies. Prescription drugs could have helped mask some of the pain, but the swelling would only have gotten worse. Surgery had been the only option my medical doctor offered, but the Reikiflexology worked better and without the expense and painful recovery time of surgery. Thank you Craig for such wonderful results, kind spirit, and compassionate caring nature. You helped me without drugs or surgery and I enjoyed every visit. I can only hope more people will seek out these kinds of alternative therapies. Thank you.

~ Lisa Metzger, SW Portland, October 4  2011

Hello my name is Cris, and I would like to tell you about my treatments with Craig. I have known Craig and received the occasional Reiki treatment from Craig  over the past 3 years, but it wasn’t until I started experiencing  MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS  that I needed his treatments on a regular basis… The results have been nothing short of amazing.  My hot flashes, and night sweats have virtually vanished now, and the feelings of anxiousness, and depression  have been replaced with a renewed sense of well-being. The combination of Reiki, and Reflexology as practiced by Craig is, in my mind, a brilliant marriage of these two healing arts.  I owe such a debt of thanks to Craig; my only regret is that I didn’t start working with Craig on a regular basis sooner!

~ Cris Chapman,  June 12, 2009

I first met Craig Ronshausen over two years ago through a mutual friend, my sister Brenda

We have been together ever since.

He introduced me to a new world of therapeutic modalities called Healing Energy. These include Reiki, Reflexology,Guided Imagery and Raindrop therapy. They are modalities in which the person trained uses life force energy to help treat and heal people with emotional and physical diseases. Craig is a gifted healer. He has been studying all these alternative or complementary treatments for many years. Over the past two years I have experienced some of them myself with good results.

My name is Sandra Camacho-Otero, I am a physician born and raised in Puerto Rico. I went to college and medical school followed by residencies in Internal and Nuclear Medicine. I am currently working at the THCF a medical marijuana clinic in Portland, Oregon.


~ Sandra Camacho-Otero, MD, June 7, 2009

Since “Thank you” doesn’t seem quite enough, I thought I would put on paper the impact Craig Ronshausen and his ”healing energy” has had on my life.

When I first met Craig, I was trapped in a 3-year battle with depression accompanied by physical pain. I had been hospitalized twice, attended 5 years of counseling sessions, and consumed a variety of prescribed pharmaceuticals. All to no avail.

In merely 3 sessions of Reiki, Craig was able to relieve a lifetime of chronic knee pain, and, most importantly, lift the veil of depression that constantly clouded my world. I am forever grateful.

Craig has a quick wit, a caring heart, a healing spirit, a hunger to learn(in order to help others), and an amazing power and healing in his hands. He recognizes the powerful healing gift he has been given, and is honoring it with his ”good works.” Because of Craig’s kindness and ability to heal… I am alive today. And, as an added bonus, I am relatively pain free.


~ Cathy L. Plater, September 3, 2006

I have received Reiki from around twenty practitioners, including a few Reiki Masters in over twenty-five years and in various locations throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

I feel compelled with Gratitude to acknowledge the outstanding and evidential whole health benefits i have received by the treatments given to me by Craig Ronshausen in Portland, Oregon from April 2006 through May 2006.

Craig is without a doubt the best channel of this type of healing energy work I have ever experienced. It is clear his intention, intuitiveness and compassionate desire to help others heal through whatever the need may be is completely selfless and magnanimous.

I am indeed very fortunate and very grateful. He has radically helped my healing in body, mind and spirit and in a relatively short time.

Craig must indeed be very spiritually attuned to facilitate such undeniable powers.

Humble Thanks.

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